Project Portfolio Management Systems

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is about processes, not tools. Disciplined and supported Project Portfolio Management processes are the key to success. But when the processes are in place, the need for system support becomes apparent. These systems do not increase the project management maturity of an organisation, but they enforce the initiatives undertaken to raise the maturity level.

As soon as several tens of projects have to be followed in a portfolio, the follow up with Excel spreadsheets and Gantt Charts becomes a nightmare.

On the market these days are systems to support Project Portfolio Management. Not only do they support the individual project manager, but they allow to consolidate views across a portfolio.

The market now offers a broad spectrum of systems with various levels of sophistication and functionality. A lot of them are Web based, and are available under the Software as a Service.

STR helps organisations to:

- Identify the requirements for a Project Portfolio Management System

- Evaluating Project Portfolio Management Systems

- Setting up Proof of Concepts

- Implementing the Project Portfolio Management System