How can Project Portfolio Management help R&D

Reducing the time to market is a challenge a lot of R&D departments and organisations face. And they have to achieve their objectives within strict budgets and by optimizing the available skill and competence set.

Making the best possible choice of the projects and initiatives is an imperative, as it will impact the future of the organisation.

Project Portfolio Management processes augment the project management capabilities of an organisation by directing these skills to the right projects. Most of the value of Project Portfolio Management can be obtained in two management areas: Governance and Capturing of Demand. Mastering the influx of projects and initiatives is the management instrument to balance capacity and demand, and to ensure the projects don’t come to a stall.

STR can help your organisation to:

Install the governance processes (investment review boards, regular portfolio reviews)

• Optimise the Demand processes (capturing all investment and other demand, simple value assessment for prioritisation and selection,...)

• Streamline the Execution Processes (Deliverable & Milestone Management, Capacity Management by resource classes, ...)