Project Portfolio Management for IT

How can IT departments benefit from Project Portfolio Management?

Balancing Demand and Supply in an IT organisation is not an easy task. Rare, if not non existent,  are the organisations where the demand on the IT organisation is not several times higher than the supply capacity.

Maintaining and operating the existing systems and applications landscape requires already a high proportion of the available resources and competences. The development capacity is stretched over quite a number of projects. Some of these projects which are mandatory because of legislation,  necessary replacements or additional capacity requirements. This leaves only a limited capacity available for new projects.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) brings visibility in the availability of the resources and competences in a multi project environment. PPM is forward looking. It shows when resources and competences become available for new initiatives. PPM shows the impact of delays or shifting of priorities on the complete portfolio.

Project Portfolio Management is a vehicle to support the difficult alignment of IT and business. Given limited budgets, the Project Portfolio Management processes assist in the decision how to agree on the portfolio of projects that will realise the maximum business value.